About Adah F. Kennon, Ph.D.


      My name is Dr. Adah F. Kennon. I was born in Houston, Texas, and also lived in California and Maryland prior to settling in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1990. I was greatly influenced by my mother (Mrs. Cohuita Price Kennon), grandmothers (Mrs. Adah Blanche Price and Mrs. Jessie C. Kennon) and aunt (Mrs. Angel Ester Griggsby), all educators and community civic leaders.

   Patient or Profit: Where Is The Love?     is a survival manual and empowerment tool. It represents my introduction into the world of writing and publishing books. I have four advanced degrees, to include a Ph.D. and three Master’s Degrees (psychology, education and counseling), and worked for 31 years as a School Psychologist and Counselor. I am also a Certified Mental Health Counselor (retired).    

     I entered the entertainment industry in 2012. As the owner of SHEBA ENTERPRISES, I produced/hosted POSSIBILITIES with Dr. Adah Kennon, a weekly hour-long motivational and inspirational radio talk show. My credits include recognition in ICE Magazine (Continental Who’s Who, “Top Professional Woman”  https://www.continentalwhoswho.co/index.php/ice-magazine-and-members-profile/148-members-profile/1188-adah-kennon2 and Top 100 Industry Experts in America Magazine (National Association of Distinguished Professionals). I have competed in body-building competitions and was featured in a magazine https://www.parrilloperformance.com/tips-and-tidbits-athlete-spotlight-adah-f-kennon/.   I enjoy traveling and gardening. I also assisted my husband (Dr. Walter B. Hammond) with his stress management and self-hypnosis business until his diagnosis of chronic kidney disease in 2016. His need for dialysis (home and in-center) marked my entry into the world of caregiving and continued until his transition in 2019.   These academic and professional experiences, along with being my husband’s caregiver, prepared me to write a book of this scope and magnitude.

     I hope that you will buy a copy and share your reactions with me. Details are noted on the About Patient or Profit: Where is the Love page. Visit this website (and my new website, https://www.adahkennonauthor.com) to learn about new and up-coming projects, or contact me at skitldu@gmail.com. And, be sure to follow me on Facebook, linkedin and twitter (dradahk). 




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