Bias: Insurance Company Denies Army Veteran Medication Prescribed By His Doctor

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Are you a military veteran? Are you a caregiver? Are you a patient? Has your insurance company denied you access to medication prescribed by your doctor? Then this book is a must read, survival manual for you.

Love, Betrayal, Commitment and Courage. A young African American soldier took an oath to defend the Constitution of his country. Today, he has kidney disease and is on hemodialysis. But, this honorably retired Army veteran’s sacrifice has been betrayed in the name of profit to satisfy the appetite of the Chaos Cohorts. His caregiver understands and struggles to protect the “love of her life.” This is the true story of their journey. Read about how his health insurance company used the prior authorization process to deny this Army veteran medication prescribed by his doctor. Read about how his health insurance company decided to exclude the opinion of the one medical professional most acquainted with his case – the doctor who prescribed the medication. Read about how denial of this medication was equivalent to a death sentence for this honorably retired Army veteran. Read about how his well being was less important than their bottom line profit motive. Learn what you can do if you get shafted by your insurance company.  Patient or Profit: Where Is The Love?


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