PRESS RELEASE: Fighting Big Pharma and the Health Care Industry: “Las Vegas Author Dr. Adah F. Kennon Announces New Book Review by Premiere U.S. Armed Forces Professional Military Officers’ Organization”

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LAS VEGAS, NV, July 23, 2018 –  Dr. Adah F. Kennon is delighted to announce that a review of her new non-fiction  book, “Patient or Profit: Where Is The Love?”  appears in the summer edition  of  The Rocket,  a publication of ROCKS, Inc., the premiere and largest professional military officers’ organization  for Army Officers, Warrant Officers and Department of the Army Civilians.

Patient or Profit: Where Is The Love?” is a survival manual that will help readers become more skilled at answering such questions as:  

  • How can I avoid pitfalls encountered when fighting Big Pharma and the Health Care Industry?
  • How can I navigate the “prior authorization process” when my requests for prescription medication are denied?

Dr. Walter B. Hammond, an African American, was promised “free” medical health care for himself and his dependents when he enlisted in the Army in 1948 at the age of 18. He served during World War II (Occupation) and The Korean War, and retired honorably following 36 years of active duty and civilian service. Now an 87-year-old veteran, and in his hour of need, he finds that he is the victim of “bait and switch.”  Diagnosed with kidney disease and on hemodialysis, he has been denied access to life-saving prescription medication. Dr. Kennon, his wife and caregiver, documents his struggle fighting Big Pharma and the Health Care Industry.

Dr. Kennon practiced for 31 years as a licensed school psychologist and counselor in three states (K-12), and is also a certified clinical mental health counselor.  She has been profiled in ICE Magazine (Continental Who’s Who, 2014), Top 100 Industry Experts in America (Covington Who’s Who, 2013), and Parillo’s Performance Press (Body Building Magazine, 2008). She started her own business, Sheba Enterprises (entertainment industry) in 2012, and hosted/produced a weekly hour-long motivational/inspirational radio talk show. Her book reflects the passion with which she pursues her role as her husband’s caregiver fighting Big Pharma and the Health Care Industry. Dr. Kennon does community service work and continues to champion issues to get better health care for all patients, especially veterans.

ROCKS, Inc. is a non-profit organization, with chapters from South Korea to Hawaii. Membership is composed primarily of African American active, reserve, retired and former commissioned officers and warrant officers of the U.S. Armed Forces, and widows and widowers of deceased members. ROCKS, Inc. hosts professional development sessions, social events, and provides mentorship to ROTC students through their “Leadership Outreach” program.

Patient or Profit: Where Is The Love?” is available for purchase at Amazon.com and via the author’s website. Reporters can schedule an interview with Dr. Kennon by sending an email or telephone call.



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