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Looking for guidance so that you can develop an excellent philosophy for living? Are you having anxiety attacks? Home budget issues got you down? Do you need to relax? Do you enjoy poetry? Want to learn more about positive thinking and imaging, and holistic healing (mind, body, spirit)? Then, this is the book for you to read!

DR. WALTER B. HAMMOND is a retired United States Army Veteran. Having served for 36 years (20 with the United States Army, including WWII and The Korean War, and 16 with Department of The Army as a civilian in the Pentagon and The Army Personnel Center). He served on active duty as a First Sergeant, and also worked as a personnel specialist, and as a computer programmer, analyst, supervisor, and manager in charge of the Army Officer Computer Systems, including promotions, assignments, and various other systems.

After suffering from a severe anxiety attack in 1977, Dr. Hammond knew that he had to make some changes in his life. Four years later, he began his second career as an avocation. As the owner of DEVELOPMENT OF RELAXATION POWERS, Dr. Hammond teaches self-hypnosis, positive thinking and imaging, home-budget managing, and relaxation techniques within a holistic (mind, body spirit) environment. He conducts workshops, and works with individuals and groups. The age range of his students is from 8 to 105.

Dr. Hammond is an active member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Nevada Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Much of what he teaches is grounded in metaphysics, or “the study of the causes and nature of things.” The poems and affirmations which appear in Poetry To Inspire Healing: Let Your Light Shine! represent only a sample of those written by him over his lifetime. They will provide a foundation for you to begin to develop techniques to change your own unwanted behavior(like anxiety attacks, relaxation issues, home budget issues)  and assist you in developing an excellent philosophy for living! This book provides guidance so that you can develop an excellent philosophy for living.  You will learn more about using positive thinking and imaging, especially within a holistic healing (mind, body, spirit) environment. The poems are great. This is the book for you to read!






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