Free Drug Samples Can Cost You Big Bucks

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Getting something for free is probably the best guarantee that people will run over each other to be the first in line. But, did you know that there can be a downside to this offer. A few years ago, my husband was misdiagnosed as having diabetes. Up until the time that it was determined that he was misdiagnosed, his doctor (at the time) gave him free samples of a drug which was later linked by the FDA to an increased risk of bladder cancer. Unfortunately, this was a condition that he was later diagnosed with. Thank God that it was not malignant. But, as a result, he has to now see his urologist on a yearly basis and undergo a very time-consuming and uncomfortable procedure. When he contacted a law firm handling class-action suits of this nature, he was told that he needed: (1) proof that a prescription had actually been written, and (2) proof that a pharmacy actually received that prescription. The best evidence would be pharmacy records indicating that the prescription was filled. We did not have this evidence, because he was given free samples. We saved some money by getting free samples, but potentially lost-out getting a big cash reward. The morale of this story:  beware of receiving free drug samples from your doctor. Free drug samples can cost you big bucks! Have your doctor put it in writing that you are getting the drug. Make sure that this is written on office stationary. This may be the evidence you need, just in case something happens to you in the future. Keep copies of everything. Office records can get lost or destroyed over-time. Maintain your own data for possible future use. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  Otherwise, free drug samples can cost you big bucks!





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